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Luggage carousel at the airport

KLM Delayed Baggage Compensation

KLM delayed baggage compensation.

How much can you claim? What are the rules?

Standing by the baggage carousel at the airport, patiently waiting for your suitcase, and realising that most likely it hasn’t made it this far. This must be one of the most frustrating sides of air travel. Maybe it got lost somewhere, or if it’s a connecting flight it is also possible that airport staff simply didn’t manage to load your bags on plane in time. Whatever the reason, losing luggage is never fun.

What to do if your luggage is lost?

What to Do If Your Luggage Is Lost?

First things first, don’t leave the baggage reclaim area (baggage hall).

Try to find Baggage Service Office which often is located in the baggage hall right next to baggage carousels. There you can report the loss of your baggage.

You’ll be asked to show your passport, baggage tag and boarding pass. Baggage tag is that small sticker that they usually put on your boarding pass after you’ve checked in your baggage. All the extra information you can provide like a photo of your suitcase may make the process of finding your bag easier and faster. But don’t be put off if all you have is your passport and boarding pass, and register the loss anyway.

Then KLM will give you a written confirmation (Property Irregularity Report or PIR) with a personal reference number (don’t lose it) and will tell you what to do next. Mostly you’ll have to wait for some 12 – 24 hours until KLM will contact you to arrange delivery. 

In some cases you may be allowed to report missing baggage online.

Tracking Your Lost Baggage

The PIR will have a personal reference number on it.

You can use the personal reference number to track the progress of your baggage online via the the World Tracer tool. Once KLM personnel has found your baggage, they will let you know. 

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KLM Delayed Baggage Compensation

What are your rights if your baggage is delayed?

Could you be entitled to delayed baggage compensation from KLM?

Baggage Delayed For 3+ Days

If your baggage is not found within 3 days, use the World Tracer tool to fill out a Baggage Inventory and Claim Form. It will be shown to you automatically after 3 days. Just log in the World Tracer tool with your last name and the personal reference number. Then fill in the needed information once you’ve logged in your file.

Reimbursement of Expenses

If your baggage is lost, and you have to replace any of necessary items, you are entitled to reimbursement for your expenses (sometimes referred to as delayed baggage compensation). With necessary items we understand essential things that were in your delayed bag that you can’t manage without, such as toiletries, underwear and essential clothes. 

Keep the receipts of any items you buy. When you file the claim for additional expenses, you’ll need to provide these receipts. You have 21 days from the day you receive your lost baggage to file a claim for reimbursement.

Lost Baggage (You Can Get Compensation)

KLM has 21 days to locate and return your baggage.

If your baggage is lost for more than 21 days, you’re entitled to KLM lost baggage compensation of up to €1300. In order to receive this compensation KLM owes you, you’ll have to provide a list of things you had in your baggage. Please note that it’s not advised to carry electronics, art, jewelry, etc., in checked baggage, because KLM isn’t liable to compensate for the full value of such items, only to the extent defined by the Montreal Convention and its Conditions of Carriage.

You’ll also have to provide your boarding pass and baggage tags you were given when you checked in your luggage and Property Irregularity Report (PIR) with your reference number. In addition to that, you can file a claim for additional expenses you had while waiting for your luggage. You will have to provide receipts for purchases.

If your luggage is not found within 21 days, Baggage Inventory and Claim Form is sent to KLM Customer Contact Centre, and they contact you. In case you don’t hear from them, contact KLM yourself to register your KLM compensation claim.

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Is Travel Insurance Necessary?

Yes and no.

While you don’t have to provide any insurance documentation when claiming compensation, it’s highly recommended to buy insurance before your trip.

Having a good travel insurance you’ll be able to enjoy a much more peaceful trip, especially if something does go wrong. Because they — your travel insurance company — will be the ones dealing with most of the consequences. Plus, mostly it doesn’t cost almost anything or anything at all extra. So, why not have an insurance, or a travel debit or credit card with insurance.

Generally speaking, if it’s not your fault that the luggage got lost or delayed, mostly you will be able to get money back for purchases that could be described as necessities in your particular situation. When in doubt ask your insurer first before buying anything. One thing to remember, though, always (!) keep all the receipts, if you are buying anything.

Without receipts you aren’t going to get anything.

Please note, that not all travel insurance policies covers baggage delay. Before you buy travel insurance, find out what does particular travel insurance cover.

Travel Prepared

Be prepared that your bag may get lost or arrive later than you.

Bags don’t get lost too often. But it happens.

So, pack a change of clothes and some underwear in your carry on. Just in case. If you are travelling to a tropical destination, pack shorts and t-shirt, or a summer dress. Don’t forget about the swimwear, if you’ll be swimming. Also, carry your medications and valuables in your carry on. So you can have access to them even if your checked luggage gets lost.

Note that in this case, with KLM baggage compensation, just like in many other situations we are talking about on this website, it isn’t only about KLM. Rules are the same for other airlines as well. In this case that’s because of the Montreal Convention, a treaty that applies to the carriage of baggage. It applies to most international flights of KLM and other airlines around the world.

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89 thoughts on “KLM Delayed Baggage Compensation”

  1. Dear Team,

    Yesterday I was flying from Berlin to Toulouse on the flight KL1824, which I had a layover in Amsterdam, to take the flight KL1307. After asking so many times the ground staff and the flight attendants that there is a mistake in my ticket and where is my bag going , they assured me that the bag is going to Toulouse. Arriving to Touslouse to realize that my bag is still in Amsterdam, I’m sure you understand all the frustration I lived espescally that the bag contains my clothes and most importantly my tool bag which without I can’t do my job , since I’m on a business trip and not on vaccation. This incident caused me to lose 1 day of work which I have to stay an extra day in Toulouse, and my ticket to Pairs CDG (AF7517) will be missed becasue I need to finish the work I came for. On the 22nd of September I have to buy a late flight ticket to Paris ORLY, on EasyJet because I have another job in Paris and I can’t miss this one as well. Well I ask you kindly to componsate me for the clothes I bought and the flight ticket i had to purchase due to your mistake, please send me the form i need to fill and to which email should I be sending the receipts I collected.

    Thank you in advance,

    Best regards,

    Ali Kheireddine.

  2. Ok. Baggage was delayed x 6 days on Flight from ATL to DUB for a wedding in Scotland. Just got back last week from our trip and am trying to complete Baggage Report and expenses incurred, but not having any success. Please advise.

  3. Sarah de Souza Goulart

    My suitcase was somewhere in Amsterdam airport (AMS) and I made sure the staff knew that my bag was not my flight, they told me my bag would be delivered to me. I made a report once I got off the plane and now I want to track my bag at your website but is it not working. Plus I am already in need of compensation because all my clothing is not with me yet.
    My flight was Amsterdam – Brasil.

  4. Dear,
    On October 27 I have sent a PIR form for refund of costs I have made because my luggage has been missing for a week.
    If I use the tracking number the information I get is in French and the tracking number is unknown.
    How can I get information?

  5. Dear KLM Team

    The last 4 flights I have taken with KLM, to/from the UK to Amsterdam, my baggage has been delayed, from 2 to 8 days.
    I am still waiting for my bag after returning back to UK yesterday (5th Jan 2022). The KLM Transfer crew at Schiphol informed me that my baggage was planned to be on my flight back to the UK and I also asked the KLM staff at the departure gate, before I boarded the flight. They too confirmed that my baggage is on the flight. It wasn’t.
    I am now on first name terms with the missing badge staff at Newcastle airport! At the moment the World Tracer company and still trying to locate my baggage!
    I’ve tried to contact KLM via WhatsApp, Messenger and phone, but they do not respond. They claim these communications methods are 24 hours….utter rubbish.
    In my experience, if you fly with KLM don’t expect you luggage to make it…..appalling service!!!

  6. On the 6th of January 2022, my hand luggage and check in luggage did not arrive with me in Manchester.I was told to fill a form at the airport I did. They have being sending messages that my luggage’s will arrived between 12.34 and 14.34 on the 8th of January . The luggage’s was not delivered. They repeated the same message on the 9th of January, still it was not delivered. I am a pastor, I had a programs to run on the 7th , 9th and today run but everything I needed are all in this luggage’s. My drugs which I went to Italy to get, perishable food and every other essentials are all there. Whenever I want to fill in for claims, the system will not function. I am a gold flier. I must confess I am not happy. Please I need to put forward my claims. Doris ogbebor

  7. Sofía Rodíguez Chaves

    Hello. My luggage was sort of stranded in one of my connections and didn‘t make it to my destination (SJO). At the counter I filed the complaint and they gave me a phone number, told me that I wohld receinve the PIR by email, and that my bags should be here the next day. However none of this has gone that way. I never recieved any email from them (already checked spam folder). No one answers the phone number when called nor any texts via normal text service nor whatsapp. And my bags have not been yet delivered. I‘m on the third day since my arrival but the fact that there is no communication nor answer of any type has me worried. More so because my bags were never really lost since they even had a sheet with the infomation that they simply did not make the conecting flight.

    I appreciate any type of help with the issue.

    1. This is all the issue I am having. My case was ” lost” via Schipol to Vegas from Dublin on April 10th. Now may 9th and still waiting. Its a disgrace!! No communication routes, constantly on hold and then cut yoj off. Told my luggage was back on Dublin. Its not. Dublin have no record if it being returned. My pir tells me ” this file is closed ” when I check and yet klm can’t explain this!!

      1. As frustrating as it sounds, it’s best to start a new claim. This may prove to be your best option. Apart from that, contact also your travel insurance company (if you had an insurance).

  8. As experienced by other people above, i checked in two suitcases in Rome and only one was delivered at destination in Incheon. Casually , the suitcase with my gifts (new clothes, new shoes, brand bags, etc) disappeared. They told me it would be delivered to my place within 2 days. It didn’t happen and, on 3rd day, I had to fill another form. Now there is no time frame for the suitcase delivery. I am in quarantine and cannot go out and I don’t have any toiletterie, clean underwear and my clothes (and the gifts). AND NOBODY KNOWS IF AND WHEN THE SUITCASE WILL BE FOUND.Thank you KLM!

  9. Me and my husband had checked in 4 bags together and the airlines misplaced the bags. Both of us had weakness and had planned to get home cooked food which was in the luggage. I received the bags after 2 days. And one of the bag’s trolley is damaged.

    I’d appreciate your help in this matter to claim for the delay in baggage delivery and the damage to the bag itself.

  10. Hello ,
    My name it’s Vulpe Iulian and I want to make a complain regarding my luggage completly destroyed , but I don’t found any phone number, email or somebody else to give me an answer. I arrived on date 06.02.2022 at Aeroport Henry Comanda Otopeni Bucharest from Amsterdam and I saw that two whells of my luggage completly missing and on outside broken.
    My number flight was KL 1373 .
    Thanks and I’m waiting a positive answer from your side.
    Have a nice day ahead !

  11. Erika Linnette Nicole Jaja

    I left from SFO on the 9th of February. My 5 hr layover was in Amsterdam. When I arrived to Dubai on the 11th I noticed one of my luggage was missing. I went to file a report. I was deeply frustrated about this. This has never happened to me before. I wish I never booked with KLM. It seems a lot of people who has a layover in Amsterdam luggage never arrives on time and there is a delay. After filing a report I stayed at the airport for 9 hrs to see if my luggage would arrive. I went back to where I filed a report and they said the next flight would come in on the 12th. I called back at 1205am-1245am no luggage. Then they said my luggage will arrive on 13th of February at 1235am. I called after 1am waiting till after 2am andy luggage still hasn’t arrived. I was supposed to leave from Dubai to Abuja to see my husband. I’ve been stuck in a hotel since 11th. Spending unnecessary money staying in the hotel. I just want my luggage and I want to leave from Dubai. Tired of being here. I don’t have my toiletries, no underwear, bras, etc… My husband’s gifts are also in the luggage. I’m sick and tired of waiting. I need my stuff.

  12. Hedwig Pott Hofstede

    Due to stormy weather 31 jan 2022, KL0597 to Cape Town. Our luggage was left behind at Schiphol Airport. we received the luggage 8 febbruari 2022 at Stellenbosch. To pass the week we had te buy some essential cloths etc. Can you send me a form so we can claim the costs. regards H. Pott Hofstede

  13. Absolute disgrace, these idiots lost our luggage, found our luggage then left it at the airport for 2 days, we ended up collecting it ourselves. We spent less than 100 dollars on a few items of clothing (for 2 people) and have been trying to get refunded since Dec 2021. It should have been straightforward, we sent receipts, with bank details, but nearly 2 months later we are still being ignored.

  14. Hi. My loggage was lost between Stockholm and geneva. It arrived a day late to geneva which you have conformed. It was supposed to be delivered immediately today but it has not. I have tried to contact you via messenger and whatsapp but whenever I give you my reference number for the claim, your agents go dead silent. How can I get in touch with you. So far I must say that your customer service and attention leaves allt of room for improvement

  15. Hello I am waiting 7 days for my bag and bought cheap clothes and toiletries from the markets so not many receipts. Help plz

    1. Unfortunately, but no airline will refund you anything if you don’t have receipts to prove the purchases (apart for some exceptions and special cases).

  16. I have travelled on 27.03.22 and my baggage did not reach my final Destination Mumbai. Same day I was informed by KLM Staff that the baggae is at AMS Airport and will recieve it in a day or two. I had to finish some formalities which I did. I then received a call on 28.03 mentioning the bag is not being traced and not sure if it can be traced.

    I am confused as what to do as they have mentioned they are not sure if they can track the package. It is increasing day by day at AMS Airport i see from comments above. Thanks to KLM to leave me with no gifts, no clothes and alot more. After a big time after COVID we are visiting our home and thisbis the service I receive from KLM

  17. Dear KLM Team,

    what happens if I am able to catch my connecting flight but my baggage can not make it on that flight? As I plan to go straight away after arriving in Costa Rica by Bus to Nicaragua and have already booked an accommodation in Nicaragua.
    Will KLM bring my Baggage to Nicaragua (so over the border) by a baggage Transport in the upcoming days or will baggage transport only take place in the same country of arrival?

    Many Thanks!

    1. Dear Maria, in short – it depends. It’s better to assume that they won’t transport it to other country. By the way, we are not KLM but an informative website (+ we help with flight compensations).

  18. I had a flight to Amsterdam on Friday 4/22. When we landed, there was a strike so we never got our luggage for our week long trip and wasted 7 hours in the airport because they kept telling us that it would come up on the carousel. It is now 5/3 and still no luggage. Not only that, they STILL can’t tell me where it is. I have been on the phone non-stop trying to get someone to help me. What a nightmare.

  19. KLM your staff at Dublin airport counter gave my mother wrong boarding pass. You have my mom a boarding pass to Brazil not to peru. When asked for the luggage, your staff insisted that luggage was going to Lima . More than 21 days have passed and still you are not able to find it. How long more should I wait? My mom hand luggage was lost by your company and nobody helps. Please give a proper answer and what to do after your terrible service. By the way your planes to south America are by far old.

  20. I flew business class from Toronto to Amsterdam for a 10-day vacation with my partner. We traveled from Amsterdam to Paris, then to Italy for several stays and I flew out of Milan. My luggage was lost for the whole trip. I had to buy clothing, incidentals, shoes and another piece of luggage. I filed my claim on the first day of arrival as advised. I submitted all requested documentation and receipts. I was asked for my bank details and provided them however my file was marked as closed. I have had no other correspondence which was very less than limited and informative. I am frustrated and at a loss about what to expect next. I would appreciate some assistance, please.
    thank you.

    1. Avatar photo
      KLM Claim Experts

      Dear Lisa, please get in touch with KLM. We are not KLM. We are only an informative website. We are not associated with KLM.

  21. Hello there.
    I’ve lost my baggage in Amsterdam 02.06.2022. I was traveling from Geneva to Dusseldorf, and Amsterdam was a connection between them. It’s been 8 days and nothing new. I’ve bought some essential clothes and accessories as a replacement for my lost baggage. How can i apply for a compensation? Thanks in advance.

  22. Why do you not PLAINLY provide a link to print your compensation claim form? I have searched your web site for over an hour and been down many rabbit holes – and will continue to search. I have never been more frustrated with a customer support group in my entire life – and I am 80 years old so that is saying something!!

    1. Avatar photo
      KLM Claim Experts

      Dear Dennis, just to clarify things – we are not KLM. We are not associated with Air France–KLM S.A. We understand your frustration, that’s why we have created this website, to give people an easier option to claim compensation (just click the CLAIM NOW button, or this link But we’ll repeat, we are not KLM.

      1. This is a “Reply to KLM Claim experts. Yet, above you say “WE ARE NOT KLM”? I’m completely confused. My bag has been lost for 6 days now and I have purchased clothing and need to be reimbursed. There IS NOT a place on your website to link to a form to be reimbursed for clothing. It says to go to your File – yet, the tab listed claim says “not updated” – so there is NO PLACE TO FILE A CLAIM. Really frustrating after having been without our bag for 6 days! Please help

        1. We help with KLM compensation claims (our partner’s service) and we provide information on related topics (only information). We are not associated with KLM.

  23. Hello KLM,

    Its been three days since My baggage has been lost on the flight 18.06.2022 @ Istanbul KL1614- Amsterdam KL1033-London. I have a hard time contacting KLM team by phone and would like to get more information on where my bag is at the moment.

    Kind regards

    1. Dear Aizhan, we are not KLM and so we won’t be able to assist you on this. We are an informative website + we help with flight compensations in case of flight delays and flight cancellations.

  24. Hi KLM,
    Our family took a flight from Amsterdam to Houston IAH on June 21st by KLM flight 661. One of the my baggage’s is missing and the agent near the conveyor told that it will be delivered to our home in Flower Mound the next day. It’s already been three days and there is no sign of baggage delivery nor a phone number to contact for status. It has clothes and toiletries that I need. I am disappointed that the agent didn’t file a lost luggage report. How do we get compensated for my delayed/lost luggage? Please advise


    1. Hi Neha, we are not KLM. We are an informative website on everything related to compensations, plus we help people to claim flight compensations for delays and cancellations. Please contact KLM or your travel insurance company – they should be able to help you.

  25. Even though I was assured at every gate in ATL, AMS and ATH that my luggage was on board,
    I arrived to my destination (LCA) without it.
    For the past 8 days, the tracer (absolutely useless!) has stated that the “item” was located, pending confirmation.
    Nobody knows where it was located or what confirmation is needed.
    Phones are not answered, updates are not provided and no explanation is given as to why, if the “item” is located, it can’t be delivered or where it is located.
    I even advised the only person to answer me, on Facebook of all places, about a flight coming to my destination.
    Answer: I still haven’t heard from the “relevant department”!
    I know you “understand “ my frustration. But that is absolutely useless in getting my luggage.
    Get yourselves down to the luggage hold and help those people sort things!
    Unfortunately, I don’t think KLM cares much about its customers!
    But they are very polite!!!
    Oh! And I had the privilege of paying extra for my luggage!!!

    1. Dear Paul, please note that we aren’t KLM. We are an informative website on everything related to compensations, plus we help people to claim flight compensations for delays and cancellations. But we can’t help with your luggage issues — for that, please, contact KLM.

  26. Steven Richardson

    My bags have now been missing for +5 days (24/06/22), I had all my formal work clothes and coat in my bag, I will need to replace some of these items, I have completed all the necessary online documentation to track my case but I need to do something in the interim, can you please advise my on next steps here, I need clothes.

  27. my luggage is still in brussels from June26 as missing luggage. and I told them to send it to Canada but it is now July2. I need refund to buy new things.

    1. Dear Zean, please submit this claim on the website of KLM. Don’t forget to attach recipes for purchases you had to make as a result of this problem.

  28. I left from SFO on the 16th of June. When I arrived to AMS (FCO) on the June 17th my luggage was missing. I went to file a report. I was deeply frustrated about this. This has never happened to me before. I wish I never booked with KLM. After filing a report I stayed at the airport for 3 hrs to see if my luggage would arrive. More than 21 days have passed and still not able to find it. How long more should I wait? My luggage was lost by your company and nobody helps. Please give a proper answer and what to do after your terrible service. I won’t fly KLM anymore.

    1. Hi Gina, if you had an insurance please contact them. It will be easier. By the way, we are not KLM. We are an informative website on everything related to compensations, plus we help with flight compensations if case of flight delays, cancellations and denied boardings.

  29. My family’s baggage (4 checked suitcases) has been lost for 4+ days now. We have filed a claim but out bags have still not been found. We have had no contact from anyone in KLM and have grown to become extremely irritated. We will not be flying KLM ever again nor recommending to anyone. We are also beginning to think about suing. Do better.

  30. We started from Edmonton, Canada to go to Dubai via Amsterdam. When we reached Dubai, three checked bags did not make it to Dubai. I reported at the baggage claim at Dubai airport and after a week, no response. KLM told us to wait 21 days before starting a claim for the lost baggage. When I asked about claims for necessary items, they kept saying whatever is necessary but not clarified what will qualify and what will not qualify as necessary items or any cap on the amount. Very frustrating that we ruined our vacation in Dubai before we go to India. We were without so many important items that need to purchase in Dubai which takes a lot of money for taxis and items.

  31. Sarah Longstaffe

    I arrived in Newcastle airport on Saturday 2nd July but my bag with all of mine and my husband’s clothes etc did not. I registered at the missing baggage desk and recieved an email with the number on however the tracking number does not work. I have called many times and have had no response. I now want to put in an inventory sheet but cannot as I cannot log in to the tracking system. Please can you help.

  32. Respeted,
    I was traweling from Zagreb to Porto, 19th of June and my baggage was lost in Amsterdam. Now I am back in Croatia and still have no informations regarding the lost baggage. it s been 22 days ago.

    1. If your baggage is lost for more than 21 days (3 weeks), you’re entitled to KLM lost baggage compensation of up to €1300. You should contact the airline. Or insurance company, if you had a travel insurance.

  33. Vincent Crisologo

    Dear KLM,

    I want to adress directly to you so I can get a direct answer as well. Im a seafarer so we already departed and I wasnt able to wait my delayed baggage on its arrival date to my flight destination. Now we have a port agent to request from airline to send my bagage to our next portnof destination but KLM doesnt respond so I still didnt receive it. We are now underway to our next port. My worldtracer ref number is no longer accepted as well as with the booking code so personaly I can no longer track my baggage. To cut it short how can I claim my baggage and how will I contact KLM, we have also requested from our port agent to have my baggage deliver to them but still no idea if KLM already responded. By the way my flight was june 25 ams to malaga 4:45pm. KL1041

    1. Dear Vincet, for this you should contact KLM directly at We are an informative website, plus we provide KLM flight compensation services in case of flight delays and cancellations.

  34. Hello,

    I flew yesterday morning from AMS to DUB and my baggage did not arrived.
    After seeing all those piles of dusted, stinky baggage at the airport and reading others experiences waiting for their bags. I’m starting to panic.

    I do need to buy some essentials plus medicine and my school books I had in my bag.

    How much am I entitled for compensation?
    And how does it work?

    Where to I f

    1. Dear Elena,

      First, we are not KLM. Second, we have shared all we know on this topic on this website. Please read this and other articles to learn more about you rights regarding lost baggage etc.

  35. We booked Etihad flights from Johannesburg to Stockholm. KLM then cancelled our flight from Amsterdam to Stockholm, however,re-booked us on an earlier flight. At Johannesburg the check-in staff reassured us that the baggage will be cleared to Stockholm. On our arrival we found that our baggage did not arrive on our re-booked flight. We submitted the query, and the inventory and claim form. What happens now? Do we buy the necessities and keep the receipts? If so, how long do we wait before KLM compensates us?
    What happens if they find the bags in the interim and we’d bought necessities? Do we still claim for compensation?

    1. Hi Marius, if our blog post doesn’t answer your questions, please contact KLM (or check out their website). The only service we provide is compensation claims – we help people get compensation from KLM and other airlines in case of delays and cancellations.

  36. Marianna von Schmidt

    I try to claim lost luggage AND a delay of approximately 24 hours on my flight from Berlin to Malaga with a stopover in Amsterdam. Although my reservation was confirmed, I was not scheduled on the flight to Malaga. As I could not check in at home, on Berlin Airport or in Amsterdam, I asked the groundstewardess what to do and she said I should go to the gate, which I did. Transavia told me I was not scheduled. So I had to stay overnight in Amsterdam and I was scheduled the next day.

    In Berlin I was told that I could not take my handluggage with me. It immediately did not feel OK, but I could do nothing to change it. The cabins were not full, so I could have taken my luggage easily.

    In Amsterdam, staying overnight, I had nothing, no clean clothes, no toilettries. Plus I had to hang around on Schiphol Airport for two days!

    The next day I travelled with no real delay to Malaga. Upon arrival there wos no sign of my luggage, so I asked for a PIR. As I did not have any luggage, I had to buy some clothes etc. It took me quite a lot of energy and time and I was tired from two days travelling.

    I received an App on the same day that my luggage had arrived in Malaga.
    The deliveryservice contacted me at around 22.30 hrs that they would deliver my luggage. As the address is a housing agency, because my friend lives in the mountains, the agency was closed. We agreed to contact the next day. Next day: no contact. I tried to phone – no contact; I apped – no contact.
    After a few days of trying to contact the deliveryservice and KLM Spain, I contacted Amsterdam and there was a very nice person who tried to contact KLM Spain, but he also had his problems to get through!
    After all my efforts, I decided that it was time to enjoy my journey and my stay with my friend whom I had not seen for the last two years.

    After all, my luggage is still not delivered.

    Please tell me what to do. And do not mention some company who can do my claim for me, because I already filed my claim, but it was denied. I want to be able to contact KLM directly.
    Tell me the address I can send my claim to.
    Thank you.

    kind regards, Marianna von Schmidt

    On arriving at Malaga Airport no sign of my luggage

  37. We travelled from Edmonton to Dubai on June 28 2022. We checked three bags in Edmonton to receive them in Dubai but none of the bags arrived. We stayed in Dubai for a week and left for India. We got a message from KLM on the day we land in India that our bags arrived in Dubai. I contacted them and provided an address in India and requested to send the bags to India address. Before we left India, I contacted KLM again as we did not receive our bags, at the time they told me that your bags are still in Dubai. My return flight was via Dubai so I told them to hold on to it and I plan to collect it on my way back. When I reached Dubai and asked, they told me that my bags left two weeks ago for India. it is 42 days and we have not received our bags yet. KLM please do something to get my bags. I have submitted the baggage delayed claim but who knows how long it will take to approve and how much they will approve it. I am preparing the lost bag claim and will submit it in a couple of days. Again, KLM please do something.

    1. Please contact the airline directly, and keep on reminding them about this issue. This summer was crazy for travel industry and that might be a part of the reason why it’s taking this long.

      We are not KLM. We only share information, tips and help people get flight compensation in case of flight delays and flight cancellations.

  38. Hi,

    My luggage went missing as I flew to Las Vegas from Sweden (through Amsterdam). It never got to Vegas during the time I were there.
    I did receive it yesterday but this was 21 days later than expected.

    Will I be compensated?
    Receipts has been mailed to KLM.

    1. Please wait for the answer. Or contact the airline again.

      Another, often better option, is to contact a travel insurance company (if you had a travel insurance).

  39. Hello all,
    my suitcase was lost in Schiphol on Sunday, 3 July 2022, noticed it when I arrived at final destination Munich.
    Filed a report some days later, finally a compensation request on 25 July 2022.
    We are now end of August, and all the tracking page of my claim says is “We have received your request and will process it as soon as possible.”
    How long do I have to wait? After 2 months waiting, I am losing patience …
    There are thousands of people in the same situation! Anyone can tell me what we can do?
    Anyone can set-up a homepage to collect victims identities for a collective complaint to EU air travel authority?

  40. Dear team:
    I have to buy some colthes for work in the time that my baggage was lost. I can´t find where submit the tickets for the refunding, is any e-mail or where i can send the pics with the tickets. I´ve tried in the Delayed Bag Status but it doesn´t work. Could you give me a solution?
    Thank you!

  41. My name is Vanessa,my bag got lost in Amsterdam or maybe never left Frankfurt. I had a flight on 2nd July22 to San Francisco,I got back on 2nd Aug after one month and still no baggage. I have spend money on my vacation to buy new clothes and lost all the gifts for my friends and family.
    We are on 14 Sept and still no bag or neither compensation. Should I contact a lawyer?

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